NorvaNivel 60 Second Rule

NorvaNivel 60 Second Rule

Behind the Scenes with the NorvaNivel 60 Second Rule:

Whether it is your first day of Kindergarten or the final semester of college, NorvaNivel understands that every minute matters. With their new and improved 21st Century Learning Environments, schools can easily transition from independent learning settings to group discussion settings in a matter of seconds!

The drive behind this 21st Century Rule is igniting creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thought while maximizing the minimal time educators get with their students. That is why schools across the nation have decided it is time to give their students new and improved learning environments that NorvaNivel and Kay-Twelve have to offer!

NorvaNivel’s Motives:

The OECD Innovative Learning Environments Project (2010) characterized a future focused learning space as:

  • Learner centered – focus of all activities.
  • Structured and well designed – role of teachers in supporting inquiry and autonomous learning.
  • Profoundly personalized – sensitive to individual and group differences in terms of background, motivation, prior knowledge and ability.
  • Inclusive – sensitive to individual and group differences in terms of learning needs.
  • Social – learning is most effective when cooperative and in group settings.

With this is mind NorvaNivel has created a collection of spaces that facilitates 21st century schools in creating environments that allow learners every opportunity for greatness.


Whether your space is classroom style, collaborative style, a Makerspace, STEAM style or any other style - Kay-Twelve can design it using products from NorvaNivel!


The Results of the 60 Second Rule:

One school to take on the improved learning environments, Harbord Public School, is already reaping the benefits in the classroom. Since opening, Harbord has attracted massive amounts of attention for its innovative new design and its success built around contemporary educational practices. The results in the classroom have also been immense as they have increased students flexibility, enhanced higher quality collaboration, and have fostered independence when needed. Harbord has made it a priority to stay one step ahead in the classroom so that their students can learn in the most effective environment that schools have to offer!

Popular NorvaNivel Products:

CC022 Collaborative Collection - 6 Collaborative Tables with 12 Rocker Ott Seats

NorvaNivel CC017 Collaborative Collection - 4 Cut Away Tables with 4 Rocker Ott Seats

NorvaNivel CLDFLM SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Collection with 6 Missott Cube Ottomans 

NorvaNivel's best resources are the students and teachers who use their products. They spend time at schools, speaking with teachers and principals, and observing how students learn and use their product. They also partner closely with industry thought leaders and will be undertaking several research initiatives beginning 2019.       


Need Help With A Project?

Whether you’re updating your classroom, office, library, STEM space, computer lab or starting a Makerspace, revamp your learning environment with design services from Kay-Twelve. Our design experts will help you find that perfect learning environment. For inspiration and expert advice, explore our complimentary design services. We'll work together utilizing the Kay-Twelve Proven Process that has transformed thousands of classrooms around the country.

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