To Create Better Learning Environments:

Learning environments can be found everywhere. They include classrooms, lecture halls, hallways, conference rooms, libraries, offices, training centers, convention centers, and more. Our goal as an organization is to improve learning outcomes, and in turn, make this world a better place through the furniture we provide.

Kay-Twelve Proven Process:

We at Kay-Twelve have a process that enables us to create the best solutions for our customers, based on hundreds of successful customer projects. We call this process the "Kay-Twelve Proven Process" or "KTPP." We welcome the opportunity to share the KTPP process and how it helps efficiently achieve your goals.
This process is designed to ensure that we collaboratively understand your needs and budget parameters every step of the way. It's a proven process that not only ensures your satisfaction with the completed project, but one that also lays out the groundwork for a strong partnership.

Kay-Twelve Proven Process