The Radically Student Centered™ Approach
The Radically Student Centered Approach

A proven process with a single point of contact backed by a dedicated team.

The Radically Student Centered™ Approach at Kay-Twelve revolutionizes educational environments by placing students at the core of every decision.

By partnering with Kay-Twelve, educators start a journey where every aspect of their learning environment, from conception to installation, is meticulously crafted to empower students and enhance educational outcomes.

With a commitment to personalized support and collaboration with over 100 leading manufacturers, we ensure that each classroom reflects the values and goals of the educators and learners it serves, embodying our dedication to creating impactful learning spaces that nurture growth, creativity, and success.

Single Point of Contact.
Your regional Education Market Leader (EML) will be your guide and single point of contact throughout your new build or renovation project. Meet Your EML!
Dedicated Project Team.
Behind every regional EML is a dedicated project manager, interior designer, and customer experience team that will work to make your school's project a success.
Vetted Manufacturers.
We rigorously evaluate our manufacturer partners on communication, sales support, delivery performance, and more.
No Hidden Service Fees.
Every service delivered by your Kay-Twelve project team is included in your final price. We don’t upcharge you for drawing requests, interactive classroom designs, pilot classrooms, etc.
Step 1: Collaborate
Schedule a free collaboration session with one of our experts so that we can better understand the environment you're trying to create!
24-36 Months Prior To Opening
Identifying the team involved that can include curriculum, operations, technology, administration, teachers, and even students.
12-24 Months Prior To Opening
A guided Collaboration Workshop gains everyone's input and aligns the vision of the final space.
12-24 Months Prior To Opening
We will provide initial plans, drawings, and budgetary pricing options.
12-24 Months Prior To Opening
Evaluate all options which can include visits to existing schools, pilot spaces, and manufacture tours.
Step 2: Customize
We'll develop a custom game plan based on your unique goals with simple steps to turn your school into a cutting-edge, collaborative place to learn.
6-9 Months Prior To Opening
Review and revise the plans based on feedback, then provide high-quality renderings to share with your staff and the community.
3-6 Months Prior To Opening
Finalize all the details including quantities, colors, and fabrics.
3-6 Months Prior To Opening
Once orders are placed, the furniture will begin production and our Project Managers will create installation documents and your operations manual.
90 Days Prior To Opening
We'll provide updates on the manufacturing process, confirm shipping and installation dates.
Step 3: Create
We'll deliver and help you implement the perfect furniture to create engaging, collaborative environments for your school.
60 Days Prior To Opening
We'll complete a pre-installation walkthrough with our Project Manager and Lead Installer.
30 Days Prior To Opening
Installation will be complete. We will conduct a final inspection and walk through of your school and provide initial staff training.
Opening Day!

The time has come! Your students and staff members will be able to reap the benefits of their better learning environment!
1-3 Months After Opening
Follow up training and professional development with staff. We will provide high-quality images and videos to highlight your new school to the community!


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