The End of Average

The End of Average

Historical classroom design has been geared toward one particular style of instruction - lecture.

There is 75% retention of what is heard in a 30-40 minute lecture for auditory learners. However, surveys have shown that only 15% of learners identify strongly as auditory learners! That means the historical classroom is not reaching the other 85% of students. That has raised some questions like is there a better way to address various learning styles in one room in order to best reach the most students? Or instead of the individual fitting the system, can the system fit the individual?

The answer to both of these questions is YES! According to Corgan Architects in Dallas, Texas, over half of teachers in America don't feel supported and 25% consider leaving the profession. Keep in mind that's before the challenges they had to go through with COVID for the last couple of years.

Here are some other findings that Corgan was able to find:

68% - if they were to look for a job at another school, the design of the school and the classroom would be a factor in their decision.

25% - having a classroom or learning environments that are limiting is a main source of stress for them - on par with pressure from administration and lack of support from school leadership.

85% - want more flexibility in their learning environment.

98% - having a well-designed classroom makes teaching more enjoyable.


Want to learn more about how you can help end the average? Schedule to have a conversation with your local Kay-Twelve Educational Design Specialist so that we can help you be part of the change!

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