Creating Better Learning Environments with Luxor

Creating Better Learning Environments with Luxor

The History of Luxor

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in northern Illinois, Luxor has been creating functional furniture for work-intensive environments for over seven decades. Luxor’s humble roots in the education industry trace back to the early 1970's with the metal audio-visual cart that was the go-to for transporting projectors from classroom to classroom.

In 1992, Luxor was acquired by EBSCO Industries, a privately-held corporation based in Birmingham, Alabama that is known for its entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus. Today, Luxor is revitalizing its focus toward learning institutions with a forward-thinking line of flexible products tailored to dynamic and engaging classrooms.


Luxor Furniture | Standing Desks | AV Carts | Mobile Whiteboards


How Luxor Products Are Creating Better Learning Environments

As technologically advanced as they may be, modern classroom solutions won’t work for educators if the solutions don’t work with their bottom line. Luxor understands this and that’s why they created a smart, affordable collection of flexible furniture that supports the student's needs as well as the teacher’s style.

They call it The Luxor Classroom. Their collection features a wide range of furniture categories including student sit-stand desks, desktop converters, adjustable-height training tables, acoustic room dividers, charging carts, magnetic whiteboards, multipurpose AV carts, presentation stations, and TV stands.

The Luxor Classroom is the culmination of decades of their education experience combined with manufacturing best practices and demonstrating their commitment and belief, that no student today should be denied the benefits of a modern learning environment because of a modest furniture budget.



How Luxor Drives Innovation As A Company

Luxor believes their best product is their people and they look to create an innovative and enterprising culture by being proactive, embracing technology, modifying existing products, and developing new products. Knowing the marketplace and anticipating the next opportunity has been critical to Luxor’s success.

This was recently demonstrated by answering teachers’ requests for movable, sound absorbing panels which provide the ability to create quiet, private spaces, as well as separation between areas. Answering the call, Luxor is actively marketing RECLAIM™, a new line of sight + sound dampening panels for the education market. These acoustic room dividers and desk dividers are made from 100% recycled PET materials that absorb up to 85 percent of the sound that passes through them, while providing much needed privacy in the open classroom.



Luxor Products In Action


Luxor Furniture | Sit to Stand Desks | Acoustical Panels | AV Carts | Charging Carts


Luxor Charging Carts | Luxor Standing Desks | Luxor Classroom Furntiure


Luxor Desk Converters | Luxor Office Furniture | Luxor Office Equipment | Luxor Classroom Furniture


Luxor Classroom Furniture | Luxor Standing Desks | Luxor Charging Carts


Resources Luxor Uses To Stay Ahead of The Curve

Luxor does their homework by continually meeting with educators and customers and integrating the key learnings into the product development process. They are also a member of the Ed Market Association and exhibit at many education trade shows and conferences throughout the year which allows them to monitor industry trends and stay current on the needs of today’s classroom.

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