Why Your Learning Space Should Include KI Learn2 Wave

Why Your Learning Space Should Include KI Learn2 Wave

The future of learning environments may look a little different than what we've come to know. But, that doesn't mean they can't be functional, collaborative and thrive as we move into the 2020-2021 school year. With so many options for the furniture that fills your classrooms, it's not always easy to know where to start. But the environments in our schools make all the difference in how kids learn. In order to maintain a sanitary and safe environment for your staff and students, we are presenting the all-in-one KI Learn2 Wave Chair!



What Exactly is a KI Learn2 Wave Chair?

Award-winning and student-focused, KI Learn2 seating goes wherever it's needed and adapts to student preferences. The KI Learn2 Intellect Wave can create a consistent look throughout the facility.

Perfect for classrooms, libraries, active learning spaces and computer labs. Add the unique, non-handed and fully adjustable work-surface to provide customized comfort and enhance interaction.

Adept, flexible and student-focused, the Wave Series transforms learning environments. It can go wherever it’s needed and can be arranged in any configuration you can possibly imagine. With the chairs mobility and adaptability, Learn2 facilitates individual work or small to large group learning. It’s exactly what students need and want for collaborative and interactive learning spaces. With its adjustable and dual-handed worksurface, the Learn2 Wave adapts to each student’s personal space and provides customized comfort.

The KI Learn2 Wave is also sleek, simple and sturdy which offers a timeless visual aesthetic and unmatched durability.  Choose from four accessory rack options, two work surface options (laminate or plastic), casters or glides, and a wide array of colors and finishes for the design.

What are the Features of the KI Learn2 Wave?

The KI Learn2 Wave Chair offers many different features that the classroom hasn't seen before! You will learn just how beneficial this product is to maintaining a functional, collaborative and thriving classroom moving forward.

  • This Product Ships For Free
  • Work surface Can Be Used on Right or Left Side
  • Two Pencil Grooves on Work surface
  • Does Not Stack
  • Flat Accessory Rack Below Seat
  • Promotes Student Movement
  • Fosters Student Engagement
  • Enables a Wide Range of Teaching Styles
  • Choose from a Variety of Seat Colors
  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Non-handed worksurface swivels 154 degrees to accommodate “handed” applications with one chair
  • Surface moves in/out for adjustable “belly room” (6” travel)
  • Five base options: no rack, poly bookbag rack, flat accessory rack, slanted accessory rack or slanted accessory rack with cupholder
  • Laminate or plastic worksurface measures W21.5” x D13”
  • Frame is powder coated 14-gauge 1” diameter steel tubing with 13-gauge steel seat plate
  • Worksurface support tube rotates around the chair seat 220 degrees; gusset rotates around the support tube 154 degrees
  • Carpet or hard-floor casters or glides


What are the Specifications of the KI Learn2 Wave?

  • Work surface Dimensions: 21.5"W x 13"D
  • Work surface Material: Injection Molded ABS Plastic
  • Work surface Finish: Warm Gray
  • Seat Dimensions: 17.3"W x 20"D x 18.5"H
  • Overall Chair Height: 33.3"
  • Seat Material: Polypropylene
  • Frame Material: 14-Gauge Steel Tubing
  • Frame Finish: Starlight Silver Metallic
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Weight: 46 lbs.
  • Warranty: 15 Years

Learn More About the KI Learn2 Wave Chair

In order to have a clear protection for your office, school, and industrial space, adopt the KI Learn2 Wave Chairs today so that you ensure the safety of your staff and students before the new school year begins!

Creating Amazing Learning Environments Can Feel Overwhelming

Our approach to furniture is different. We focus on student learning outcomes and how to create the optimal spaces to improve results. Because on this, our Kay-Twelve Proven Process focuses on the concepts first and then explores the products available to match that concept. 

Our knowledgeable team will listen, care, and follow through. We can create drawings and 3-D renderings and expect your feedback to make any revisions. We work with the leading manufacturers to provide the best solution aligned with your budget. But our job doesn't end there, our team will lead the project through completion, and most importantly, ensure the space is utilized by the staff the way it was intended.

Need Someone to Talk to?

If you are feeling overwhelmed during these uncertain times, please feel free to schedule a time to talk with us! We are here to help you and want to be a resource as we get through these times together. To schedule a time to talk, click the button below and we will help you with whatever you may need!

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