When Should I Start the School Furniture Process?

When Should I Start the School Furniture Process?

Knowing when to start your school furniture project can be tough, but is very important to consider when you have future projects in the works. That is why we have mapped out the ideal timeline that will give you an idea on where you should be and when based off of your estimated completion date that you may have set.

24-36 Months Prior To Completion Date

Yes, you may think it is crazy, but in an ideal world you will begin the initial planning phase early to ensure that your project is completed the right way. At this point, you will begin laying the ground work and identifying what members of your staff you would like to bring on to help you complete your project. This team could include a number of different individuals who have different backgrounds including curriculum, operations, technology, administration, teachers, and even students! Creating a diverse team will ensure that everyone in your community is happy with the solutions because this will ultimately be within the school for the next 20-30 years!

12-24 Months Prior To Completion Date

Here is where the project starts to heat up. Once you close in on the 12 month mark before your project will be complete is when you should be taking significant strides on your project.

Within this time frame, you should have completed an internal guided workshop where your team and contributors can submit thoughts and opinions. This workshop can also include external contributors like vendor partners, manufacturer figure-heads, and/or other individuals that you think can provide valuable feedback. This workshop will lay the foundation on ensuring that your new furniture will align with the vision of the final space.

After that, you will want to begin seeking a partner that can provide you with initial plans, drawings, and budgetary pricing options. This will allow you time to evaluate the options by setting up times to visit existing schools or pilot spaces in-person or virtually before committing to any solutions.

9-12 Months Prior To Completion Date

Once you are within a year of completion, you should be reviewing and revising any initial plans that you have on hand. This will allow you to get feedback from your team, the school board, or even outside community members.

6-9 Months Prior To Completion Date

Before getting within 6 months of the project you want to make sure all of the details including quantities, colors, and fabrics are finalized. By doing so at this point, you can be sure that your products will deliver on-time and can be setup well before your school opens back up.

3-6 Months Prior To Completion Date

As you close in on the 3 month mark, your order should be placed and the furniture should be in production. Any project managers that you have hired should be constant contact with you with updates and should have any install dates scheduled if necessary.

60-90 Days Prior To Completion Date

This time should be used for the vendor and/or manufacturer partners to provide your team with updates on your order. Firm shipping dates should be finalized and an install schedule should be sent over to the project leaders on your team. Pre-installation walk-throughs should also be complete at this time with an outside project manager and lead installer.

30 Days Prior To Completion Date

At this point, all products should be delivered and any necessary installations should be complete. This time should also be used for any internal or external inspections of your new/renovated spaces along with any staff training on the furniture that has been setup.

Opening Day!

The time has come! Your students and staff members will be able to reap the benefits of their better learning environment! In some cases, vendor partners or manufacturers will follow up with additional training and provide you with images and videos of your new environments! These could be amazing pieces to share with your community and outside news sources to highlight all of the work that you have done!


Want to learn more about the perfect timeline or ready to take the first step in creating your better learning environment? Schedule a free collaboration session with a Kay-Twelve Educational Design Specialist today! We would love to talk to you more about this proven timeline and take the first steps with you as you begin your journey!



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