Is It Play Or Is It Learning?

Is It Play Or Is It Learning?

Kay-Twelve and Slab Dream Lab believe learning and playing take part at the same time. With one of our latest offerings - called SLAB - we can offer one of the largest and strongest baseplate systems for toy building bricks on the market.

What was once considered at home play toys, has now entered the realm of the 21st century classroom. Used within the classroom, toy building bricks have offered both educators and students the ability to experience hands on learning while challenging users in problem solving, innovation and logical/critical thinking skills. Offered in both solid color and Map themes our LEGO® compatible SLABs provide a solid, dependable base for the biggest and best projects you can imagine.


Foundations For Education

Our educational SLAB baseplates provide the foundation for a different kind of lesson plan. From our large scale map SLABS, interactive STEM lessons, and fully custom graphics, SLABS help teachers and students engage in practical, active learning in classrooms all over the world.

SLABs truly give you a classroom to dream about. They serve as an excellent base for STEM/STEAM based curriculums. Our SLAB walls help students develop creative building skills, enhance problem-solving techniques and encourage teamwork. Use in the Makerspace, Art, Math or Science Rooms. The
possibilities are endless.


Built To Standards

The SLAB is precision engineered to be compatible with the entire LEGO® system and DUPLO® bricks. Our SLABs are made thicker than any other baseplates, with molded ridges and tight nodes. Backed with MDF board, our SLABS stay rigid and strong. And all SLABs are manufactured in the USA.

Slab Dream Lab SLABs have been tested and certified to meet strict standards, including Formaldehyde Emissions and Lead Paint Regulations.

How They Work

The Slab Dream Lab baseplate system begins with a single MDF mounted 24”x48” SLAB. With our proprietary Dream-Tite tongue and groove interconnecting system.

Additional SLABs can be used to create an expanded wall with a flush and seamless fit. With additional SLABs, you can easily create walls of 4’x6’, 4’x8’ or even greater.


No Classroom? At Home?

No problem. Our 2’x4’ SLABs work just as well at home as in the classroom. On the wall, on the floor, or on a table, versatility is key with a SLAB. So break out that old bin of toy bricks and let the students’ creativity and imagination grow. In conjunction with our available educator created lesson plans, students can enjoy the same classroom instruction all from the comfort of home.


What Others Are Saying

“Learning about the water cycle and labeling a worksheet is one thing, but when a student can physically build a model of what the water cycle looks like, it really sticks with them and makes their learning more impactful”

Daniel Holman
LEGO® Lab Instructor
Beaufort, South Carolina


“All of our students K-5 enjoy spending time in our LEG® room thanks to Slab Dream Lab! It provides both a creative and team building outlet for small groups and whole classes. Whether they are tackling STEM projects or challenging themselves, the interactive wall offers a huge canvas of possibilities.”

Jessie Mougette
Learning Commons Ranch View Elementary


Get Started On Your Own SLAB Dream Lab

Are you ready to begin creating your own SLAB Dream Lab? Schedule a free collaboration session with us today so we can begin the process together! Before you know it, your students will have another avenue to continue building their own creative building skills and enhanced problem-solving techniques.

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