All-In-One Chair Solutions

Our team of experts in learning environments care deeply about your students and their long-term learning experiences. In order to do so, we are providing you with three tremendous classroom and at-home learning furniture options to ensure your kids are getting the learning experience that they desire.

With active learning, students engage with ideas — and each other — in meaningful ways. Activities like problem-solving, group discussions and quiet study cater to every learning style and, ultimately, the understanding and retention of class concepts. Active learning requires a dynamic classroom where the physical environment responds to the curriculum, and the right seating, like these three seating options, serves as a teaching assistant. 

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We believe you deserve a better learning environment, and we have the furniture and tools to get you there!

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More than a chair, the agile quad-base-plus-classic-seat-shell design of the Ethos Series seamlessly transitions between lecture, collaborative and group teaching modes so the class stays focused on what really matters: education.

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Award-winning and student-focused, KI Learn2 seating goes wherever it's needed and adapts to student preferences. The KI Learn2 Intellect Wave can create a consistent look throughout the facility.

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Get your classroom seating on the move with MooreCo Enroll! Featuring a dual right- or left-handed writing tablet chair and 360º rotation, the Enroll featuring Hierarchy Tablet Chair makes collaborative room configuration a breeze!

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Learning Space?

The future of learning environments may look a little different than what we've come to know. That doesn't mean they can't be functional, collaborative and thrive.  Blending flexibility with mobility and personal storage, the all-in-one seating units efficiently switch between lecture, collaborative and group modes to foster active learning in the classroom.