Creating Better Learning Environments

Creating Better Learning Environments


At the heart of Creating Better Learning Environments is the premise that students of all ages learn differently, and it is the job of educators to adapt to each student's learning styles. This book is a practical guide to help educators make this a reality through a proven process that many schools around the world have implemented.

Throughout this book we provide examples of how other schools intentionally sought to improve their learning environments. By sharing best practices, roadblocks, and lessons learned to assist you on your journey. Not all schools have the opportunity to start a new facility from scratch or undergo major renovations, so the majority of this book will show you how to better utilize and enhance your current facility.

This book begins and ends with the primary purpose of matching a student's environments with his or her dominant learning styles. However, the results of this approach lead to other important benefits such as community engagement, school reputation, and the recruiting and retaining of students and educators.

Few people outside the school get glimpses of the education staff in action, but instead create their perceptions based on the physical environment they see when they visit the school during non-school hours. It is our intent that this book guide you through your process and help you overcome the most common obstacles. Some of these ideas require funding, but many of them only require effort.

Thank you for being a leader and advocate to better educate the students in your community!

Kevin Stoller, Author, Owner


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