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January 6, 2023

School renovation and new construction is an exciting process. When it’s done correctly, it can help students succeed in a collaborative, newly-designed 21st-century environment. It’s obviously important to create a plan to help you match your curriculum, but what is even more important is getting students involved and letting them have a voice in the decision-making process.

Bryan Byerlee is the Principal at Garden City Elementary, part of Cranston Public Schools in Cranston, Rhode Island. As a former classroom teacher, Bryan has a deeply rooted passion for creating dynamic learning experiences, engaging students, educators, and staff alike within their learning community. Bryan received a Masters of Education from Providence College, with an emphasis in Elementary and Middle School Administration/Principalship.

Michelle Carpenter is the chief strategy officer (CSO) at Natural Pod, a company focused on creating better learning environments. Michelle specializes in developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives, ensuring Natural Pod thoughtfully supports students and educators within their learning environments. She is an advocate for including student voice in the design process to ensure learning spaces ahead meet them where they are, and help them reach their full potential. Michelle is also actively involved in A4LE, primarily in support of SchoolsNEXT, a student design competition for learning spaces.

Jennifer Leyva, Sr. Designer and Project Manager at Fielding International, has been designing and planning schools around the world for over 15 years of experience.  Her passion for creating healthy and engaging learning environments are exemplified in some of Fielding International’s most notable designs, including Col.legi Montserrat in Barcelona, Spain; the Academy of Holy Names in Tampa, Florida; and, at the International School of Kazan in the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. Working closely with Fielding’s Design Architects, our in-house Educators, students and teachers, Jennifer ensures that school interiors function as 21st century educational spaces, allowing for maximum flexibility and variety with furniture selections, and that they are aesthetically inspiring with interior details, lighting, finishes and color selections. Her goal is to help ensure schools provide a safe place for students to be uninhibited creatively, academically, and inspired for a lifetime of learning.


Season 7, Episode 10 of the Better Learning Podcast


Kevin Stoller is the host of the Better Learning Podcast and Co-Founder of Kay-Twelve, a national leader for educational furniture. Learn more about creating better learning environments at www.Kay-Twelve.com.


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