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January 4, 2023

Why does research into learning spaces matter? And how do you conduct it?

Murray Hudson and former teacher Bhavini Pandya will take you through one of the most important new research studies into the relationship between pedagogy and space. They will reveal how a detailed three-year study that was put into place in a working school, with unique access to the pupil’s test scores. The results show that optimizing the learning environment leads to better educational outcomes. QED.

Murray Hudson is the co-author of Planning Learning Spaces; A practical guide for architects, designers and school leaders. The book demonstrates cutting-edge approaches to educational space design, from primary to college studies, and explains how these spaces support education and enhance learning experiences. Murray is also Managing Director of Gratnells Ltd, the leading manufacturer of school storage and space optimization. Murray travels extensively, visiting schools across the world to better understand how to create the optimal learning environment. Murray has worked in the education industry for more than twenty years and is a member EdMarket USA Equipment Manufacturers Council. He lives in Cambridge, UK and can be spotted on his bike at weekends.

Bhavini Pandya is a former primary school teacher and leads the Planning Learning Spaces in Practice team. The team works directly with schools across the world to demonstrate how the practices outlined in the book can improve learning environments and shape the minds of our future generation. Bhavini was key in running the Cambridge research project in the school where she used to work. To the children at Trumpington Park Primary School she is still ‘Miss Pandya.’


Season 6, Episode 32 of the Better Learning Podcast


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