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The Better Learning Podcast brings on valued guests that talk about ways we can improve education for our kids. Because after all, they are 100% of our future!



February 27, 2023

Dr. Joe Clark has been in education since 1992. He has worked as a high school English teacher and assistant principal, middle school principal, personnel director, and assistant superintendent. Currently, Joe is in his 12th year as the superintendent of the Nordonia Hills City Schools, a district serving 3,600 students in Northeast Ohio. He is also a core professor in American College of Education's Educational Leadership Master's program.

Joe spent 10 summers as a camp counselor, director, and bus driver, and 24 years as a mobile disc jockey. He received all three of his degrees at Kent State University. His dissertation is titled "A legislative and judicial analysis of sexual relationships between American secondary students and their teachers." Dr. Clark is the author of the book If the Dance Floor Is Empty, Change the Song (A Superintendent's Spin on Making Schools Rock). Dr. Clark is the youngest of 11 kids. He is married to Amie and has two adult sons. His best buddy is Frankie, a five-year-old beagle/English bulldog hybrid.


Episode 110 of the Better Learning Podcast


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