3 Tips For A Successful Learning Environment

Tip #1: Effective Teachers

As all educators already know, effective teachers are the most important aspect contributing to student achievement inside the classroom. In order to be an effective teacher, you must not only have a thorough knowledge on the subject manner, but also support all of the unique learning styles that you may see in the classroom at any given time.

We believe teachers should be able to create meaningful connections with their students, and should have the tools and environments they need to make an impact.

Tip #2: Engaged Students

Did you know that it is estimated that 85% of the jobs that kids currently in kindergarten will do as adults don't even exist yet? Engaged students are far more likely to succeed inside and outside of the classroom because they find themselves building the 3 core skills that is needed for the future - collaboration, adaptation, and problem solving. 

Schools that are still adhering to the traditional classroom setup, rules, and norms are finding their spaces filled with disengaged students sitting on outdated furniture. Students deserve learning environments that are built to meet the needs of their individual learning styles. Students should feel engaged and supported when they are at school.

Tip #3: Collaborative Learning

Recent studies have shown that high efficiency in the classroom is correlated with increased movement throughout the school day. That is why collaborative learning classrooms are seeing stress relief, higher self-esteem levels, increased communication and listening skills, as well as improved self-disciplined levels in their students.

The best learning happens when students and teachers are able to build strong connections, and the furniture in their classrooms should help them make those connections, not hold them back.

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