Valley Christian Schools - Equipping Students to be Culture Changers

Many traditional school designs include spaces that go unused for large chunks of the day. Valley Christian High School has created a new Student Union Space that will help minimize space downtime and reduce utility costs.   when they created their brand new Student Union Space. They plan to use the space in many different ways including a meeting room for teachers, a space for study hall where kids can spread out, and even after school events such as pep rallies and tailgates before games.

Clara Brown Entrepreneurial Academy repurposes their learning environments with a project-based learning approach

Everyone remembers what that first day back to school feels like. But wouldn't it be much more exciting if you were walking into a brand new school that had one focus in mind - to empower innovative risk takers and build entrepreneurs for the future?

The Storm That Brought Tool Elementary a New Library

Back in February of 2021, Texas froze over for a few days leaving residents of the state without power, electricity, running water, and much more! However, the new Tool Elementary library shined a positive light on what came about from the winter storms that affected so many across the state.

A Community Passionate About Student Success: The Development of John S. McCain Elementary School

Almost one year ago, the new John S. McCain Elementary school in the Buckeye Elementary School District opened its doors for the first time. Take a look at how the community valued student success and how the new learning environments support just that!