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We believe you deserve a better learning environment. With our compliant and affordable playground products, you can provide your students with a perfect solution outside of the classroom. Whether you are looking for product for children as young as 6 months or as old as 12 years, we have the perfect solution for you!


We Make It Safe!

Our playground products put an emphasis on equipment safety and quality of materials.  To ensure the safety of your students, we make it a priority to only sell products that adhere to the national standards for safety and quality by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the performance standards by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). 

Playground Equipment

We Make It Convenient!

Planning a playground project can sometimes be overwhelming. In order to break this process down, we offer play kits and themed playgrounds to fit your schools needs. We also offer quick shipping on many of our playground units and make sure that your product is delivered in excellent condition at a great price!

Playground Equipment for Schools

Getting Started Is Easy!

On Your Mark...

Book a call with your local Kay-Twelve Representative to discuss your playground equipment project.

Get Set...

You and your local rep will discuss the available space, the number of children that will be accommodated, the age range that will be considered, as well as the appropriate equipment that fits your budget.


We will arrange a hassle free delivery and simple installation process. To help in choosing equipment, you can book a call with us today!

Incorporate One of the Fastest Growing Curriculum Innovations in Physical Education

Climbing walls provide academic, emotional, physical, and social benefits for kids. To learn more about why climbing is one of the fastest growing curriculum, we are providing you with resources that are designed to inform you about indoor rock climbing. After doing so, you will have the chance to join the rapidly growing team of program facilitators across the world who are already reaping the rewards of this promising practice.

School Playground Furniture

Ten Reasons for Building a Climbing Wall

Climbing is not a trendy add-on to your school, but rather a beneficial activity that encourages thephysical, mental, social and emotional growth of each participant. Read more reasons on why you should include a climbing wall in your learning environment.

Playground options for schools

How Climbing Relates to National Standards

Are you curious how rock climbing relates to the national standards and grade-level outcomes for K-12 physical education? Read the top 5 standards that rock climbing focuses on and that current participants are already benefiting from.

Outdoor School Equipment

How Climbing Helps Childhood Development

Climbing plays a significant role in kids motor skill development. In order to understand all of the benefits that participants may see, read the current physical, cognitive, and social-emotional developments that current users are seeing.

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