Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio is a fully-engaged PK2 – Grade 12 private school and Christ-centered learning community, where students flourish spiritually, academically, and socially. At Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, students find their place, pursue their gifts, strengthen their faith, and make an impact on our world. The outcome - students realize they can BE MORE.

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy

Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is a Christ-centered, non-denominational, college preparatory academy that exists to prepare students intellectually and spiritually for success in impacting and influencing the world according to their unique gifts and talents.

In 2022, Cincinnati Hills decided to recreate some of their environments to help empower their faculty and staff to fully use their passions and expertise to create engaged critical thinkers. Some of the renovation included remodeling their hallways and common areas so that they could continue building an engaged school community that reinforces the school’s vision, mission and core values. Take a dive into some of the new spaces at the fully-engaged PK2 – Grade 12 private school!

Project Details

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Project Scope: Hallway and Common Space Renovation

Project Completed: 2022

Number of Learners Impacted: 423

Designers: Keirsten Todoran & Betsy Andrusiak 

Manufacturers: MiEN

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