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Feb 27, 2018

Abbey Ross has spent the majority of her professional career helping students with learning differences, and building unique programs to ensure their success after school. She is a skilled teacher and administrator who takes the time to get to know her students and their families, and works closely with them to devise a plan for success in the classroom.

Mrs. Ross graduated from University of Oregon with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Political Science. Afterwards, she joined Teach for America, a nationally acclaimed and highly selective teaching program. Mrs. Ross taught 8th grade for two years at Dysart Elementary in El Mirage, Arizona where she developed a comprehensive academic support program for students with learning differences to help them prepare for AIMS testing.

Once her Teach for America commitment was complete, Mrs. Ross began her work at New Way as a junior high teacher. As she focused on the success of her students in school, Mrs. Ross also saw the need for a post-secondary support program for college students with learning differences. She spent two years leading the development and design of the Bridgeway College Success Program, which currently serves Valley students that attend local colleges.

Mrs. Ross became the Executive Director of New Way Academy in 2012. With a campus expansion complete and an increase in enrollment and teachers, Mrs. Ross continues to show her leadership and commitment to providing every opportunity imaginable for students with learning differences.

Mrs. Ross is involved with several non-profits in the Valley and serves on the boards of Arizona’s Parent Education Network (PEN) and Bridgeway College Success Program. She has been involved in Suns Charities 88 and a member of Valley Leadership, Class 37.

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