While students may only be 20%-25% of our population today, they are 100% of our future. That is why education is one of the most important investments a country can make and the sole purpose for the existence of the Better Learning Podcast.

The Better Learning Podcast brings on valued guests that talk about ways we can improve education for our kids. Because after all, they are 100% of our future!



January 25, 2023

Lisa Bodell is a futurist, best-selling author, and serial entrepreneur who has started three successful businesses in the strategy and innovation space. She is the founder and CEO of FutureThink, an innovation consulting firm that uses radically simple techniques to help companies challenge the status quo and proactively embrace change.

Her two award-winning books: Kill The Company, and Why Simple Wins, have been recognized for their immediate ability to ignite change within organizations, providing techniques that eliminate complexity and help teams get to the work that matters. As a global speaker, she brings her compelling message to over 100,000 people a year– showing them how to make space for change and think more creatively about the future.  Her work has transformed teams within organizations like Google, Pfizer, the U.S. Navy War College, Lockheed Martin, and more.

Bodell has taught innovation and futuring at American University and Fordham University, and is an advisor on boards such as National Security Agency and the Global Advisory Council for the World Economic Forum.


Episode 103 of the Better Learning Podcast


Kevin Stoller is the host of the Better Learning Podcast and Co-Founder of Kay-Twelve, a national leader for educational furniture. Learn more about creating better learning environments at www.Kay-Twelve.com.


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