As part of our mission, we are committed to creating better learning environments. "Creating" is a verb - or action. "Better" means constant improvement. We see this as working with our clients to constantly improve the learning environment but our goal is bigger than that - we want to improve learning outcomes by the environments we create.

We are excited at Kay-Twelve to learn about your goals and how we may be of service.


Kevin Stoller

Kevin Stoller - Co-Founder & CEO

Driven by his passion for enhancing the learning process, Kevin started Kay-Twelve 8 years ago. Coupled with his experience in the contract furniture industry, Kevin has a B.S, in Mass Communications from Miami University and a MBA from The Ohio State University. Kevin is married with 3 kids and though Kay-Twelve keeps him very busy, he still finds time to coach his 3 kids in their various sports. Involved in several civic and industry groups, one of these programs works with kids to foster creativity and entrepreneurship. In terms of personal interests he still tries to find time for travel, sports, and getting to local concerts when time permits. The underlying mission and philosophy of Kay-Twelve exemplifies his commitment to improving the learning environment. Personally Kevin feels "deeply passionate about allowing kids to fail and learn how to handle adversity. Learning does not stop once they leave the four walls of a classroom and experience learning is invaluable."

Bob Roche

Bob Roche - Regional Sales Manager

Bob has been with Kay-Twelve for over 2 years and came to us with over 33 years in the industry. A graduate of Temple University, Bob is married with 2 kids. A committed baseball, basketball, and soccer coach as his kids were growing up, Bob is now able to spend time enjoying golf and music. With Bob's commitment to learning, Bob feels strongly that "creating a collaborative learning environment will help students improve their ability to learn and retain information. By discussing topics with their peers, they hone their ability to work their way through problems, communicate their ideas more effectively and also value the opinion of others."

Steven Murphy

Steven Murphy - Regional Sales Manager

Bringing years of sales experience to our team, Steven has been with Kay-Twelve for over 2 years. Having played football at Salem College, Steven spent the majority of his 3 childrens childhood coaching their various sports as well as spending a lot of time tutoring in the local elementary schools. Now that his children are grown, Steven uses his free time to fly RC planes, boating, and gardening. With regard to his commitment to creating better learning environments, Steven's goal is "ensuring that educators have an environment to reach all with knowledge not just technology."

Kim Taylor

Kim Taylor - Operations Manager

Kim has been with Kay-Twelve for over 4 years. A graduate in environmental science from The Ohio State University, Kim is married with 2 children and enjoys hiking and travel. Constantly volunteering at her kids schools, she often becomes the "room mom" as well as helping with her daughter's girl scouts. With her commitment to creating better learning environments because "I think it's important to find the right learning environment for each kid so they can thrive in school."


We are always looking to add awesome people that fit our Core Values:

  1. We Listen, We Care, We Follow Through
  2. We Challenge Complacency
  3. We Do the Right Thing
  4. We Attract Others that Share the Same Passion as Us