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A disruptor in the furniture manufacturing and distribution industry, Abel Zalcberg and Barbara Zalcberg founded OFM in 1995. His innovation was to build a furniture company that offered same-day shipping by keeping inventory in stock. Great service and quick delivery—take an order in the morning, ship it the same afternoon—set the company apart from its competitors.

Twenty plus years later OFM has well outgrown its family-owned beginnings, but the core family values and same-day shipping business model remain the same. With the bedrocks of great service and quick shipping firmly entrenched, OFM continues to be known for its stellar customer service and fast shipping.

OFM features a wide range of furniture for the office, education, and home settings. All pieces are in stock and available for same day shipping. Their products run the gamut from storage systems, customizable office desk solutions, to versatile task chairs.

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