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The standard lecture style teaching is in the past. 21st century learning, or active learning, provides students and teachers with what they need to meet today’s demands, especially with STEAM subjects.

A 21st century classroom should foster both solitary and communal work. The furniture and tools within the room should be mobile in order to encourage easy transitions between different styles of teaching and learning. With mobile classroom chairs and desks, students can collaborate and form groups and then quickly switch to independent work when needed.

Our proven process can help educators make the best of their classrooms and maximize learning potential. Our goal is to create better learning environments with schools. 


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Balt 91413 Hierarchy Makerspace 3D Printer Cart
Balt 91413 Hierarchy Makerspace 3D Printer Cart
  • $1,738.99
  • From $991.99
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Balt 91413 Hierarchy Makerspace 3D Printer Cart

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  • $1,738.99
  • $991.99

Description Closed storage, sturdy casters, accessory shelf, and visible filament spool storage simplifies and organizes your 3D printing. With ergonomics in mind, the Hierarchy is a colorful and flexible solution to help focus and motivate young minds.  Six hooks provide ample storage for 3D pr...

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