What Are Modern Learning Environments?

What Are Modern Learning Environments?

What Exactly Is a Modern Learning Environment?

The standard lecture style teaching is in the past. 21st century learning, or active learning, provides students and teachers with what they need to meet today’s demands, especially with STEAM subjects.

A 21st century classroom should foster both solitary and communal work. The furniture and tools within the room should be mobile in order to encourage easy transitions between different styles of teaching and learning. With mobile classroom chairs and desks, students can collaborate and form groups and then quickly switch to independent work when needed.

What Do Modern Learning Environments Look Like?

A modern learning environment can take on many different shapes, sizes, styles and themes. However, there are three main things that all modern learning environments will have in common when successfully incorporated.

1.) Effective Teachers

Teachers should be able to create meaningful connections with their students, and should have the tools they need to make an impact.

2.) Engaged Students

Students deserve learning environments that are built to meet the needs of their individual learning styles. Students should feel engaged and supported when they are at school.

3.) Collaborative Learning

The best learning happens when students and teachers are able to build strong connections, and the furniture in their classrooms should help them make those connections, not hold them back.

Why Are These 21st Century Learning Environments More Effective?

Today's learning environments are looking much different than what they did even just 10 years ago. The common rows of desks are being withdrawn and teachers are constantly moving and encouraging engagement rather than being idle and lecturing. This is because many studies have found that student performance increases when we embrace flexibility, the use of technology, and modern pedagogies to improve the classroom experience.

It is estimated that 85% of the jobs that kids currently in kindergarten will do as adults don't even exist yet.

We don't know what the future holds, but we know they'll need to collaborate, adapt, and problem solve.

With a modern 21st century learning environment, you will get a space that directly encourages students to work on these three main skills. As a result, these kids will be ahead of their time mastering skills that will be necessary for these unknown jobs of the future.

Need Help With A Project?

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