Kay-Twelve Has Partnered With NorvaNivel!

Kay-Twelve Has Partnered With NorvaNivel!

IMAGINE... A learning space that facilitates future pedagogy. A space that ignites creativity, collaboration, communication and critical thought. That is the definition of NorvaNivel.

About NorvaNivel

NorvaNivel was founded in Australia in 2010 with the goal to transform education through environment. After 7 successful years of transforming traditional classrooms into learning spaces, they packed their bags and headed to the U.S. Their goal is to make a change for our students and teachers and that is why we are proud to have partnered with them! 

Core Values:

  • To create contemporary products and spaces that facilitate pedagogy both today and into the future.
  • To design and produce their products locally supporting local communities.
  • To educate themselves through consultation and collaboration with all education stakeholders.
  • To create unique spaces that foster an inclusive and collaborative learning approach.
  • To ensure that working with them exceeds your expectations.
The OECD Innovative Learning Environments Project (2010) characterized a future focused learning space as:
  • Learner centered – focus of all activities.
  • Structured and well designed – role of teachers in supporting inquiry and autonomous learning.
  • Profoundly personalized – sensitive to individual and group differences in terms of background, motivation, prior knowledge and ability. 
  • Inclusive – sensitive to individual and group differences in terms of learning needs.
  • Social – learning is most effective when cooperative and in group settings.
With this is mind NorvaNivel has created a collection of spaces that facilitates 21st century schools in creating environments that allow learners every opportunity for greatness.
Whether your space is classroom style, collaborative style, a Makerspace, STEAM style or any other style - Kay-Twelve can design it using products from NorvaNivel!  Having trouble deciding what kind of space you want to create? Take a look at some of these ideas.
The ever changing needs of learners and educators are at the forefront of NorvaNivel when developing products and environments. The education system is going through an exciting revolution as we change the way in which we learn. The beneficiaries of these changes are going to be our future leaders and future innovators – Kay-Twelve and NorvaNivel are honored to be a part of the development and growth of greatness.                                                                                                                                                    
Contact us by e-mail or phone to have your local rep reach out to you and get your learning space started in the right path!

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