How To Arrange Classroom Furniture Properly

How To Arrange Classroom Furniture Properly

A classrooms physical environment sets the foundation to a successful 21st century active school space. That is why every educator strives to have a thoughtfully designed classroom because that is the key to meeting every students individual learning needs. The main question that educators are left wondering is what does this inclusive learning environment look like what are the steps I need to take to get us there? Well, we are here today to provide you with 3 simple steps to help you reach your goals.

Creating Your Inclusive Learning Environment

It's estimated that 85% of the jobs that kids currently in kindergarten will do as adults don't even exist yet! We don't know what the future holds, but we know they'll need to...

What Skills Do Kids And Student Need To Learn Early On; Collaborate; Adapt; Problem Solve

That is why it is important that school leaders and teachers are confident that their school is equipped to equip the students. One of the easiest ways to do this is to rethink your classroom furniture arrangement to ensure that it effectively supports all of the unique learning styles that you may see in a classroom at any given time.

Here, we will provide you with 10 simple steps to make sure that your space is supporting the whole child.

Special Tip #1: Setup your furniture to facilitate quick and easy movement

In recent past, studies have shown that high efficiency in the classroom is highly correlated with increased movement throughout the day. In the past, many would not believe that this standpoint is correct. That is why the traditional classroom had been relevant for far too long. But now with the research that has been conducted, we can honestly say that movement while learning is one of the most important aspects that you can bring to your classroom.

So now you may be asking, what kind of benefits are schools currently reaping from transitioning into a more modern, active classroom environment. The simple answer is A LOT! But to be more transparent, movement can support stress relief, higher self-esteem levels, increased communication and listening skills, as well as improved self-disciplined levels. All you have to do is setup your physical environment to easily facilitate quick movement to all parts of the instructional space. This will not only allow them to collaborate with classmates, but this will also ensure that all of your students are accessible to you throughout the school day.

If you have the ability to upgrade your space with the new and improved All-In-One seating options, we have just the product for you. These seating options will serve as a teaching assistant as they cater to activities such as problem-solving, group discussions and quiet study.


Special Tip #2: Create space for small-group lessons and workshops

As we mentioned earlier, it is very important that schools teach the 3 main skills of collaboration, adaptability, and problem solving. The use of small-group learning sessions helps build these main skills through critical thinking, teamwork, self-directed tactics, communication, and peer-to-peer interaction. While all of these enhancements are done during these workshops, student interest and engagement tends to increase because their involvement is much more than in a traditional classroom where the teacher moderates and regulates the flow of knowledge and information.

Not only that, but small group interaction provides students with an opportunity to practice and master these important skills and key concepts so that they are not just cramming information before an exam. In the long-term, you will see student performance and engagement increase due to the higher level of involvement that they are receiving each and every day.

Again, if you have the ability to upgrade your classroom now or in the future, we recommend adopting a configurable classroom system. This system is specifically designed for supporting a variety of learning modes to promote interaction in the classroom. Numerous group configurations can be created or can even be sued for individual work when necessary as casters can be added to make configurations faster and easier! When creating this configurable system, it is also important to keep ergonomics in mind as colorful and flexible solutions help focus and motivate young minds.

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Special Tip #3: Use a STEM/STEAM approach

To meet the needs of a 21st Century Learning Environment, STEM or STEAM was created. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. It is an approach to learning by guiding students to use critical thinking skills, engage in experiments and problem solve with the resources that they have.

The goal of a STEM/STEAM approach is to inspire students to investigate, inquire, and think in teams. No matter what job a young student may have in the future, these skills are very important to our future workforce. In order to successfully adopt a STEM/STEAM approach, the first two tips must be in place because this type of classroom will be adaptable, flexible, mobile and ergonomic. The key addition that must be made is adding technology because connectivity is key in a STEM/STEAM classroom. This is because the basis of this approach surrounds the idea of instantly having he ability to connect with the internet and the resources that come with it.

If you don't know where to start with such an approach, we would be happy to have an initial conversation where will will provide you with FREE 3D renderings of YOUR space so that you can see exactly what your learning space will look like once the approach has been adopted. In order to do so, you can schedule your FREE consultation today and we will give you a call to discuss your learning environment(s), needs and the learning outcomes you want for your students before putting together your customized game plan.

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The Benefits Of Properly Arranging Your Classroom Furniture

 Do you want to create learning environments that...

  • Build a sense of collaboration among students and teachers?
  • Meet the needs of each student's individual learning styles?
  • Get students excited about the learning process?
  • Allow teachers to have more positive impact on their students?

If you answered "yes" to any of these, then adopting our three tips that we have offered is right for your school! With so many options for the furniture that fills your classrooms, it's not always easy to know where to start. But the environments in our schools make all the difference in how kids learn. No matter if you are looking to purchase new furniture or use your current furniture, we want to help through our free consultation service. All you have to do is sign up for a time to speak with us and we will do all of the work for you so that you are operating under our three tips successfully. It is important to know that the environments in our schools make all the difference in how kids learn!

So, if your school is filled with disengaged students sitting on outdated furniture and kids who are longing for a way to feel involved and engaged, we want to help. Our team of experts in learning environments will build a custom plan based off of your unique goals, that will take your school from outdated to innovative. Create a place where your students and teachers love to be by adopting our three tips and booking your free consultation today!

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