School Grants To Fund Your Learning Environments

School Grants To Fund Your Learning Environments

Why Should I Try For A Grant?

If you would love to improve your learning environment to offer your students the best learning experience possible, but your school does not have the necessary funding to allocate toward improvements, applying for a grant may be your best bet. Here is what you could gain just by applying for a grant:

  • A generous amount of money from a donor or organization interested in your project
  • Increased credibility and visual outlook
  • A learning environment to enhance your students' skills


Which Grant Is Best For Me?

Kay-Twelve understands that as a teacher, funding better learning environments can be a difficult task - not just finding the funds, but getting approval for your project as well. That is why we've done the research for you in finding the many different grant options available! 


Grants Available Just For You!

Funding and Grant Information: 

Grant Funding Opportunities:


Also Check Out Specific Grant Resources In Your State By Clicking Here!



You're Almost Ready To Create Your Better Learning Environment!

Now that you know what kind of grant you're looking for and many of the places you can find them, you need to know how to write the perfect grant proposal! Follow these easy steps to write a great grant proposal:

  1. Define Your Needs - Let your donors know a problem that you're having and how grant money will help solve that problem. Don't just show them a list of items you want. Donors want to know the purpose behind what they are funding.
  2. Don't Request Too Much - Even if your project is big and you need more funds, start small. The application process for smaller grants is usually simpler and has a better chance of getting awarded. Your space doesn't have to be completed at one time or from one grant. It can come from multiple small grants.
  3. Do Your Research - Learn about the foundation or organization that you are asking for your grant from. Make sure they are a good fit for you and your learning space. Research other projects they have funded. You wouldn't want to request a grant for your library from an organization that focuses on STEM labs.
  4. Be Unique - If you are requesting wobble stools for your classroom, don't just request wobble stools. Let the donor know that wobble stools have been proven to increase student focus and your class has a lot of fidgety students.
  5. Work Together - Your colleagues and even your students could have some really great ideas for your grant proposal. Ask colleagues if they have any experience with grants and ask your students what they think their learning environment is lacking.
  6. Show Real Results - Maybe your space has a few standing desks but now you want to order more for the rest of your class. Let your donor know the success you have had when students are using the standing desks. Even share some photos with them!
  7. Proofread - Most educators are already doing this, but have a colleague proofread your grant proposal. They may word something better or fix any typos or errors you may have missed.
  8. Social Media - If your grant is on a public platform such as or, share your project with your friends and family. Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to let your community know about your project. You never know who is willing to help a teacher out - and every little bit counts!
  9. Create A Partnership - Once you've received your grant and your space is complete, take photos! Share them with your donor along with a 'Thank You' note so they can see how their donation helped create a better learning environment. 
  10. Don't Quit - Your first grant proposal wasn't approved. So what? Don't give up on reaching out to new donors just because of one or a few rejections. Give yourself a deadline and don't give up submitting proposals until that date!


Want An Alternative to Grants? We Have an Idea!

If you can't find the grant that lines up with your situation, don't give up! Crowdfunding via online platforms is a new option that is generating a lot of funding for educators and their environments. This option allows teachers to raise money by asking their friends, family, co-workers, etc. to donate! Read more at Edutopia's article Funding Your Flexible Classroom.


Need Help With A Project?

Whether you’re updating your classroom, office, library, STEM spacecomputer lab or starting a Makerspace, revamp your learning environment with design services from Kay-Twelve. Our design experts will help you find that perfect learning environment. For inspiration and expert advice, explore our complimentary design services. We'll work together utilizing the Kay-Twelve Proven Process that has transformed thousands of classrooms around the country.


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