Creating Better Learning Environments with NorvaNivel

Creating Better Learning Environments with NorvaNivel

The History of NorvaNivel

NorvaNivel was founded in Sydney, Australia in 2010. The company was born from a need in schools for agile learning spaces that would facilitate the shift in education from the industrial-era model to active learning. In a traditional learning environment, students are expected to passively absorb and retain information; a NorvaNivel space is designed specifically to empower learners to take ownership of their learning experience and develop in-demand transversal skills.

Due to mounting demand for NorvaNivel learning spaces in the United States, NorvaNivel now designs and manufactures its products for American schools in Dallas, Texas. NorvaNivel is driven to transform the education system through furniture and spaces that give every student the opportunity for success in school, and ultimately, life. Personally, they are motivated by their own children to create spaces that speak to equity and agency and ignite a passion for discovery and knowledge – resulting in a lifelong love of learning.


NorvaNivel | Learning Spaces | Flexible Classrooms | Collaborative Learning Environments


How NorvaNivel Products Are Creating Better Learning Environments

NorvaNivel creates purposefully-designed furniture and learning spaces. All of their products address a specific educational need that has been identified through research and collaboration with educators. Their products are designed to promote engagement in all learners, no matter their preferred learning style, from tactile materials to writable surfaces. Their lightweight, movable and multi-purpose designs ensure that the class space can be transformed in under 60 seconds to facilitate any learning activity.


NorvaNivel Steam Lab | NorvaNivel Furniture | School Furniture | Flexible Classroom Furniture


How NorvaNivel Drives Innovation As A Company

NorvaNivel is fueled by innovation. They employ a design thinking process, which ensures that they develop purposeful designs grounded in the needs of schools to facilitate pedagogy today and into the future. They don’t design for the sake of releasing new products; instead, they are committed to breakthrough designs that change how students learn for the better.


NorvaNivel CC022 Collaborative Collection

NorvaNivel | COLLABORATIVE COLLECTIVE CC022 COLLECTION | Flexible Classroom Furniture


NorvaNivel SS03 STEAMSPACE T-Table Collection with Caboose

NorvaNivel | STEAMSPACE T-TABLE COLLECTION (WITH CABOOSE) | Flexible Classroom Furniture | STEM Furniture 



NorvaNivel CLDFLM SunshineOnACloudieDay Foldable Collection



NorvaNivel CCBL Conclave Bookcase and Seating Collection

NorvaNivel | CONCLAVE BOOKCASE AND SEATING COLLECTION | Library Furniture | Media Space Furniture | Bookcases


NorvaNivel NNCG11 Conclave Perch and Seating Collection

NorvaNivel | CONCLAVE NNCG11 COLLECTION | Flexible Classroom Seating


NorvaNivel Products In Action




Resources NorvaNivel Uses To Stay Ahead of The Curve

NorvaNivel's best resources are the students and teachers who use their products. They spend time at schools, speaking with teachers and principals, and observing how students learn and use their product. They also partner closely with industry thought leaders and will be undertaking several research initiatives beginning 2019.


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