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Classroom Chair Size Guide and Tips!

A guide through Classroom ChairsShop Classroom Chairs (Click HERE)

If you’re having difficulty selecting the right sized classroom chairs, below are a few tips to keep in mind throughout your selection process.

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1. Height

For classroom chairs, seat height is represented by the distance in inches measured from the floor to the top of the seat (the area where you place your bottom).

2. Size

Most classroom chair sizes are for students of average weight and height; if you are are unsure, opt to go with a larger size or Contact The Kay-Twelve Team!

3. Table Size to Match

Though many classroom tables and classroom desks are adjustable, if you’re trying to find chairs to go with a table or desk; make sure the table is 8"-12” higher than the chair seat height. For more information visit our blogs on Classroom Table Capacity and Classroom Desk Heights.

4. Common Mistake

The most common mistake made when purchasing chairs for young children is that 10" classroom chairs are the right size for preschoolers over 3 years old. Most preschoolers beyond the age of 3 (and some 2 year olds) are more comfortable in the larger 12" classroom chairs.

5. Contact Us

When in doubt, CONTACT The Kay-Twelve Team for a sample chair.

DOWNLOAD the classroom chair size chart here



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