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  • Inspired: Rethinking Cafeteria Design

    When rethinking the design of a school, how much thought is given to modernizing  the cafeteria space?

    According to the article Food For Thought written by Charles Tyler and John Gladden of Fanning Howey, it's often found not much thought is given to redesigning cafeterias. Authors Tyler and Gladden argue that cafeterias can create new chances for learning, instead of  just a space for eating. Cafeterias usually offer one of the largest spaces in a school for students to gather. By taking advantage of the large space, new and creative learning spaces can become available to students.

    Some examples of various spaces discussed include:

    “Café: A mix of traditional cafeteria-style seating, lounge seating and high-top tables with stools, all supported by a la carte or grab and go food options.

    "Media Hearth: Living room-style seating combined with audio and video presentation tools to support large group instruction and presentations.

    "Media Huddle Space: Booth seating with integrated presentation technology to allow students to collaborate on projects.

    "Media Presentation Venue: Area with media-scape or other similar system that is specifically-designed to support group presentations.

    "Gathering Stair: Stairs that serve a dual purpose as a circulation pathway and amphitheater seating, often serving groups of 70 or more.

    "Living Room: Open space with a variety of furniture options that support individual, small group or large group research.

    "Small Group Room: Glass-enclosed conference room with integrated technology to support private group meetings.” – Charles Tyler & John Gladden of Fanning Howey

    Using this line of thinking, we've created a few cafeteria spaces for you to be inspired by. We hope you enjoy!

    Check out the article Food for Thought from School Planning & Management for more tips and ideas!

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