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  • Useful Tips to Cleaning Commercial Upholstery

    How Should I Be Cleaning Upholstery?

    One of the easiest ways to ruin that new upholstered lounge area, is cleaning it. This can easily be done by using the wrong cleaner. Many commercial textiles have cleaning codes that help determine which cleaners are suitable for a specific textile. Watch out! Not all textiles require the same cleaning method.

    Cleaning Codes
    The following chart illustrates common cleaning codes and what they mean from Cleaning Resources & Considerations White Paper by Association for Contract Textiles (ACT):

    Cleaning Resources & Considerations White Paper, Association for Contract Textiles. (Photo) Cleaning Resources & Considerations White Paper, Association for Contract Textiles. (Photo)

    Most of these cleaning codes can be found on the back of textile samples or the textile companies’ website. By Identifying what cleaning code matches your textiles, you can figure out how to clean your textile to ensure a better quality product over time.

    How your upholstery will be cleaned is also a good question to keep in mind when buying new.

    General Recommendations
    In most cases, here are some general tips to follow for cleaning every kind of textile:lounge_140
    • Do NOT saturate or overly wet the stain you are working on, which can lead to rings or ruin the fabric.
    • Try to clean the stain immediately.
    • Don’t walk away from a cleaned product! Even if you’re just cleaning with water, it’s important to rinse and wipe the fabric after cleaning away the stain to let it dry fully after cleaning.
    • Most textiles on upholstery still need cleaning between accidents. Even dusting periodically helps prevent dust and soil build-up on the product.

    In short, it’s always best to refer to the manufacturer who produced the textile on your furniture for a detailed cleaning guide. By spending time to properly clean your upholstery now, you’ve most certainly saved money for later.

    Feel free to contact your local sales rep or Kay for help!

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